Publication Year
1554, 1583, 1606
Aquisition Year
Giovanni Battista Ramusio
Acquired From
Venice: Stamperia di Giunti
One of the earliest and most important collections of travellers' accounts as issued by 'the Italian Hakulyt' with map of the Western hemisphere the most complete of its time. This is one of the earliest and most important collections of voyages and travels and may be said to have opened a new era in the literary history of voyages and navigation. This work was the first great systematic collection that had so far appeared. The first volume is primarily concerned with Africa and southern Asia. The second is concerned with Central Asia, Russia, and the Northern Seas, while the third volume is entirely devoted to America, and includes accounts of Peter Martyr, Oviedo (whose book XX is published here for the first time), Cortes, Cabeza de Vaca, Guzman, Ulloa, Coronado, Fray Marcos di Niza, Xerez, Verrazano and Cartier. The final section comprises the first general publication of Cartier's Canadian experiences. Accounts of Marco Polo, Niccol˜ Da Conti and Magellan are also included.


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