Seminar: "Two Days In Paradise"

Location: Rome Global Gateway

"Two Days in Paradise: Paradiso XI-XX"

19-20 May 2016, Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway, Via Ostilia, 15, 00184 Roma

This meeting, sponsored by the Devers Program in Dante Studies, focuses on the central panel of ten cantos of Paradiso (XI-XX) and builds on the highly successful 2014 meeting at the University of Cologne, which examined the opening ten cantos of the cantica. It brings together leading Dante scholars from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States to provide participants the opportunity for sustained, high-level discussion of issues related to Dante’s presentation of Paradise. A broad aim of both meetings is to foster and encourage international scholarly collaboration between Dantists. Given the nature and organization of the seminar, participation is by invitation only.

XI: Luca Marcozzi (Roma Tre)
XII: Simon Gilson (Warwick)
XIII: Albert Russell Ascoli (Berkeley)
XIV: Paola Nasti (Reading)
XV: Zyg Barański (Notre Dame and Cambridge)
XVI: Lino Pertile (Harvard)
XVII: Andreas Kablitz (Cologne)
XVIII: Mira Mocan (Roma Tre)
XIX: Ted Cachey (Notre Dame)
XX: Gerhard Regn (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Overview: Giuseppe Mazzotta (Yale)