CFP: Laureatus in Urbe IV (Rome, 27-29 May 2020)

Author: Staff

Petrarch Serpente

The D.S.U. of the University of Roma Tre, in collaboration with the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway and Center for Italian Studies and the Centro Pio Rajna, is delighted to renew its annual seminar dedicated to Francesco Petrarca. The aim of Laureatus in Urbe has been to create a regular meeting for young scholars of Petrarch: university graduates, Ph.D. candidates, and those who have been post-doctoral fellows for 3 years or less. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their work with notable experts, who will also guide group discussion of these research presentations. Over the years, Laureatus in Urbe has successfully established itself as a meeting-place and “research laboratory” for young scholars from both Italy and abroad, who have found in the program a unique sounding-board for their research. Past editions of the program have involved nearly one hundred young scholars from around the world; in addition to these participants’ own talks, Laureatus in Urbe has featured lectures by scholars such as Francisco Rico, Ted Cachey, Philippe Guérin, Marco Ariani, and Bernard Huss. These sections, seminars, and presentations have been enlivened by experts from Italian and foreign Universities. The initiative is expected to produce conference proceedings: the first volume, dedicated to the 2017 meeting, was published in 2019; the second and third volumes are in preparation. Our fourth meeting will be held in Rome from May 27 to 29, 2020. Several lines of inquiry have been proposed, inspired by the following areas of research:

The Canzoniere: themes, contexts and style
Relationship with the classics and with the vernacular tradition
Fortune of Petrarch. Petrarchism
The Language of Petrarch: Latin and vernacular
Petrarch and History
Petrarchan Philology
Petrarch and Philosophy
Petrarch and the Arts

An opening lecture will be held by Natascia Tonelli (University of Siena), and a closing lecture by Franco Suitner (Roma Tre University).

Proposal submissions

Paper proposals, accompanied by a title, an abstract (max 750 characters) and a short bio-bibliographical profile (max 500 characters), should be sent to by January 31, 2020. Materials should be sent together in a single pdf file, entitled “Surname_Title”; please send emails with the subject heading: “CFP Laureatus in Urbe.”

Participation in the seminar is free. The organization will not offer reimbursements for travel expenses or accommodations, though some forms of refreshment will be provided. The event is expected to result in conference proceedings, after review of submissions. The proposals will be subject to evaluation by the scholarly committee, consisting of:

Marco Ariani (Roma Tre), Rossend Arques (UAB), Johannes Bartuschat (Zurigo), Theodore J. Cachey Jr. (Notre Dame), Marco Cursi (Napoli) Enrico Fenzi (Genova), Maurizio Fiorilla (Roma Tre), Philippe Guérin (Paris 3), Luca Marcozzi (Roma Tre, Coordinatore), Daniele Piccini (Univ. Stranieri di Perugia), Carlo Pulsoni (Perugia), Francisco Rico (UAB), Paolo Rigo (Roma Tre), Luca Carlo Rossi (Bergamo), Jiří Špička (Olomouc) Sabrina Stroppa (Torino), Franco Suitner (Roma Tre), Natascia Tonelli (Siena), Eduard Vilella (UAB).

Secretary: Chiara Abaterusso, Silvia Argurio, Giulia Maria Cipriani, Giulia Lanciotti, Valentina Manca, Carlotta Mazzoncini, Valentina Rovere, Nicole Volta.

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