New Publication: Dante e la cultura fiorentina / Dante and Florentine Culture

Author: David Lummus

Lombardo Cop

The Devers Family Program in Dante Studies announces the publication of Dante e la cultura fiorentina. Bono Giamboni, Brunetto Latini e la formazione intellettuale dei laici, edited by Luca Lombardo, Zygmunt G. Barański, and Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (Rome: Salerno editrice, 2019). The book collects eleven essays, most of which were first presented at the international workshop "Reconsidering Dante and Brunetto Latini (and Bono Giamboni)," held at Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway on 18-19 May 2017, as a part of the multi-year research project Dante's Florentine Vernacular Culture (Italian, Old French and Occitan), 1280-1301, which was funded and organized by the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies with the Center for Italian Studies.

Dante e la cultura fiorentina. Bono Giamboni, Brunetto Latini e la formazione intellettuale dei laici / Dante and Florentine Culture. Bono Giamboni, Brunetto Latini, and the Intellectual Formation of Laymen

Cover image: Tuscan vernacularization of Brunetto Latini's Tresor. Florence, Bibl. Medicea Laurenziana, Plut. 42.19, c. 4r (detail, with Brunetto represented in an illuminated capital)

Brunetto Latini and Bono Giamboni are of crucial importance to the flourishing of Florentine literary culture in the vernacular during the second half of the thirteenth century. They made fundamental contributions to the construction of the rhetorical, philosophical, and civic paradigms that structured the intellectual lives of the lay bourgeoisie during the time of the initial education of the young Dante. This book—the result of collaborative work by distinguished scholars from around the world—explores and contextualizes the trajectories of this circulation of knowledge in the vernacular in thirteenth-century Florence. It's principal aim is to reconstruct the intellectual milieu of the period and to investigate its relationship with Dante before his exile in 1302.

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