Dante Now: Current Trends in Dante Studies (1995)

Edited by Theodore J. Cachey Jr.

Dante Now book cover

The William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature, Volume 1

Written by ten distinguished Dante scholars, the essays in Dante Now represent the most significant areas of contemporary Dantes studies.

This collection, originating from a 1993 University of Notre Dame conference, includes some of the newest and most exciting work in contemporary Dantes studies and focuses in particular on three intensely cultivated areas: poetics, "minor works", and reception.


Table of Contents

THEODORE J. CACHEY, "Introduction"

Part 1: Poetics

ZYGMUNT G. BARANSKI, "The Poetics of Meter: Terza Rima, 'Canto', 'Canzon', 'Cantica'"

CHRISTOPHER KLEINHENZ, "Dante and the Art of Citation"

GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTA, "Why did Dante write the Comedy? Why and How Do We Read It? The Poet and the Critics"


Part 2: "Minor Works"

DINO S. CERVIGNI and EDWARD VASTA, "From Manuscript to Print: The Case of Dante's Vita nuova"

RONALD L. MARTINEZ, "'Nasce il Nilo': Justice, Wisdom, and Dante's Canzone 'Tre donne intorno al cor mi son venute'"

ALBERT RUSSELL ASCOLI, "Palinode and History in the Oeuvre of Dante"


Part 3: Reception

R. A. SHOAF, " 'Noon Englissh Digne': Dante in Late Medieval English"

KEVIN BROWNLEE, "Literary Genealogy and the Problem of the Father: Christine de Pizan and Dante"

BRIAN RICHARDSON, "Editing Dante's Commedia, 1472-1629"

NANCY J. VICKERS, "Dante in the Video Decade"

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