Dante Now: Current Trends in Dante Studies (1995)

Edited by Theodore J. Cachey Jr.

Dante Now book cover

The William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature, Volume 1

Written by ten distinguished Dante scholars, the essays in Dante Now represent the most significant areas of contemporary Dantes studies.

This collection, originating from a 1993 University of Notre Dame conference, includes some of the newest and most exciting work in contemporary Dantes studies and focuses in particular on three intensely cultivated areas: poetics, "minor works", and reception.

Table of Contents

THEODORE J. CACHEY, "Introduction"

Part 1: Poetics

  • ZYGMUNT G. BARANSKI, "The Poetics of Meter: Terza Rima, 'Canto', 'Canzon', 'Cantica'"
  • CHRISTOPHER KLEINHENZ, "Dante and the Art of Citation"
  • GIUSEPPE MAZZOTTA, "Why did Dante write the Comedy? Why and How Do We Read It? The Poet and the Critics"

Part 2: "Minor Works"

  • DINO S. CERVIGNI and EDWARD VASTA, "From Manuscript to Print: The Case of Dante's Vita nuova"
  • RONALD L. MARTINEZ, "'Nasce il Nilo': Justice, Wisdom, and Dante's Canzone 'Tre donne intorno al cor mi son venute'"
  • ALBERT RUSSELL ASCOLI, "Palinode and History in the Oeuvre of Dante"

Part 3: Reception

  • R. A. SHOAF, " 'Noon Englissh Digne': Dante in Late Medieval English"
  • KEVIN BROWNLEE, "Literary Genealogy and the Problem of the Father: Christine de Pizan and Dante"
  • BRIAN RICHARDSON, "Editing Dante's Commedia, 1472-1629"
  • NANCY J. VICKERS, "Dante in the Video Decade"

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