The Fiore in Context: Dante, France, Tuscany (1997)

The Fiore in Context: Dante, France, Tuscany book cover

Edited by Zygmunt G. Baranski and Patrick Boyde

The William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature, Volume 2

The second volume in the William and Katherine Devers Series in Dante and Medieval Italian Literature, The Fiore in Context: Dante, France, Tuscany, is the record of a milestone in the study of the Fiore, and perhaps in Dante studies: the international conference on the Fiore held at St. John's College, Cambridge, in September 1994.

The conference, attended by most of the world's leading experts on the Fiore, examined many aspects of the poem, including textual questions, its cultural context, and its relation to the Roman de la Rose and the Comedy. Above all it constituted, in the judgment of the participants themselves, the most important discussion of the poem's attribution to Dante since Contini's pronouncement on the question in 1965.

The published proceedings reproduce both the questionnaire that framed the conference, in which each participant weighs all the principal arguments for and against attributing the Fiore to Dante, as well as the lively discussion that followed each paper.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Question of Attribution

  • PATRICK BOYDE, "The Questionnaire and Related Materials" 
  • PATRICK BOYDE, " Summus Minimusve Poeta? Arguments for and against Attributing the Fiore to Dante"

Part II: The Manuscript and the Text

  • TERESA DE ROBERTIS BONIFORTI, "Nota sul codice e la sua scrittura" 
  • GUGLIELMO GORNI, "Sul Fiore. Punti critici del testo" 
  • DAVID ROBEY, "The Fiore and the Comedy : Some Computerized Comparisons"

Part III: France and Italy

  • LUCIA LAZZERINI, "Il Fiore, il Roman de la Rose e i precursori d'oc e d'oïl" 
  • SYLVIA HUOT, "The Fiore and the Early Reception of the Roman de la Rose 
  • KEVIN BROWNLEE, "Jason's Voyage and the Poetics of Rewriting: The Fiore and the Roman de la Rose"

Part IV: The Literary Context

  • DOMENICO DE ROBERTIS, "La traccia del Fiore 
  • ZYGMUNT G. BARANSKI, "The Ethics of Literature: The Fiore and Medieval Traditions of Rewriting" 
  • LINO LEONARDI, "Il Fiore, il Roman de la Rose e la tradizione lirica italiana prima di Dante"

Part V: The Fiore and the Commedia

  • IRENE MAFFIA SCARIATI, " Fiore Inferno in fieri: Schede di letture in parallelo" 
  • MARK DAVIE, "The Fiore Revisited in the Inferno

Part VI: The Question of Attribution II

  • JOHN C. BARNES, "Uno, nessuno e tanti: il Fiore attribuibile a chi? 
  • PATRICK BOYDE, "The Results of the Poll: Presentation and Analysis"

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