Seminar: France and Dante’s Florence

(part of a series)

Location: Notre Dame's Rome Global Gateway

France and Dante’s Florence

Thursday 17 – Friday 18 May, 2018

Notre Dame’s Rome Global Gateway, 15 Via Ostilia, 00184

This seminar, sponsored by the William and Katherine Devers Program in Dante Studies at the University of Notre Dame, has been organized in connection with the research project, “Dante’s Florentine Vernacular Culture, 1280-1301,” and following two successful meetings on “Dante’s Intellectual Formation” (Rome, March 2014) and on “Reconsidering Dante and Brunetto Latini (and Bono Giamboni)” (Rome, May 2017).


The topic of the seminar is “French culture in Florence and in Dante at the end of the Duecento,” and its main aim is to begin to assess Florence’s relationship to Northern French culture by endeavouring to examine not only the influence and circulation of Latin and vernacular texts produced in France, but also the role that France played as a cultural and intellectual mediator. In addition, the hope is to cast further light on Dante’s ties to France and French culture. Consequently, analyses of texts will focus primarily on the evidence that these can provide of the nature of French influences in the city. The Seminar thus contributes to the continuing re-evaluation of the Florentine cultural, social, and political context of the last twenty years of the thirteenth century, the years of Dante’s Florentine intellectual formation.


Seven speakers have been invited to circulate, in advance, a longer version of their presentation to colleagues attending the seminar. The languages of the seminar are Italian and English.


Thursday May 17


13:00: arrivals


13:30-13:45: greetings


Il contesto storico


13:45-14:45: “ ‘Populus noster non magis florentinus quam regius’. Firenze e i sovrani francesi nella seconda metà del Duecento” – Silvia Diacciati

            14:45-14:55: presentation of circulated paper

            14:55-15:45: discussion


14:45-15:15: coffee break


 Il Roman de la Rose a Firenze


15:15-16:15: “Composizione e prima circolazione del Roman de la Rose, e la ricezione italiana (a proposito di saggi recenti e di problemi aperti)” – Pietro Beltrami (Pisa)

15:15-15:25: presentation of circulated paper

15:25-16:15: discussion


Fiore e il Detto d’Amore


16:15-17:15: “Fiore, Detto d’Amore e dintorni” – Luciano Formisano (Bologna)

            16:15-16:25: presentation of circulated paper

            16:25-17:15: discussion


19:30: dinner and/or reception for all participants


Friday May 18


Scuola di Chartres


9:00-10:00: “The School of Chartres: Myths and Facts” – Paola Nasti (Reading)

            9:00-9:10: presentation of paper

            9:10-10:00: discussion


10:00-10:30: coffee break


Le Rime petrose


10:30-11:30: “Le petrose come sfida e superamento della lirica transalpina” – Enrico Fenzi (Genova)      

10:30-10:40: presentation of circulated paper

10:40-11:30: discussion


Brunetto e l’Histoire ancienne


11:30-12:30: “Brunetto Latini and the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César (Tresor, I, 21-25)” – Maria Teresa Rachetta (King’s College London)  

11:30-11:40: presentation of circulated paper

11:40-12:30: discussion


12:30-14:00: lunch (buffet on the terrace)

Invited Discussants

Roberto Antonelli (Roma Sapienza)

Zyg Barański  (Cambridge/ND)

Elisa Brilli (Toronto)

Giuseppina Brunetti (Bologna)

Bill Burgwinkle (Cambridge)

Theodore J. Cachey (Notre Dame)

Ambrogio Camozzi (Cambridge)

Paolo Cherchi (Chicago)

Fabrizio Cigni (Pisa)

Lorenzo Dell’Oso (Notre Dame)

Enrico Faini (Firenze)

Sonia Gentili (Roma Sapienza)

Claudio Giunta (Trento)

Marco Grimaldi (Roma Sapienza)

Tristan Kay (Bristol)

Catherine Keen (UCL)

Lino Leonardi (Siena)

Luca Lombardo (Notre Dame)

Enrico Malato

Luca Marcozzi (Roma Tre)

Mira Mocan (Roma Tre)

Antonio Montefusco (Ca’ Foscari)

Ana Cristina Montenegro (NYU)

Anna Pegoretti (Roma Tre)

Lino Pertile (Harvard)

Stefano Prandi (Berna)

Chiara Sbordoni (Notre Dame)

Giovanni Vedovotto (Notre Dame)

Riccardo Viel (Bologna)

Xiaoyi Zhang (Notre Dame)




Zygmunt G. Barański (Notre Dame; Cambridge)

Theodore J. Cachey, Jr. (Notre Dame)

Anne C. Leone (Notre Dame)


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