Workshop: Themes, Traditions, and Cultures in Dante

(part of a series)

Location: Rome Global Gateway

Dante Luca

In connection with the celebrations to mark the 2021 Dante centenary the Devers Family Program in Dante Studies and the Center for Italian Studies at the University of Notre Dame has organized a two-day workshop on “Themes, traditions, and cultures in Dante / Temi, tradizioni e culture nelle opere di Dante”, which will be held on May 13-14, 2021 at the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway in via Ostilia. The aim of the seminar is to to assess the ways in which Anglo-American Dante scholarship and Italian dantismo have addressed key literary, cultural, and historical issues. The seminar is divided into seven sessions. Each session will host two speakers: one of whom will focus on Italy and the other on the English-speaking world.

This workshop will be open to invited speakers and discussants only.

Intellectual formation / Formazione intellettuale

Simon Gilson (Oxford) and Anna Pegoretti (Roma Tre)

Religious culture / Cultura religiosa

Paola Nasti (Northwestern) and Giuseppe Ledda (Bologna)

Classical culture / Cultura classica

Simone Marchesi (Princeton) and Luca Marcozzi (Roma Tre)

Romance culture / Cultura romanza

Catherine Keen (UCL) and Mira Mocan (Roma Tre)

Philosophical and theological culture / Cultura filosofica e teologica

George Corbett (St Andrews) and Luca Bianchi (Milano)

Thirteenth- and fourteenth-century artistic culture / Cultura artistica del Due- e Trecento

Henrike C. Lange (Berkeley) and Silvia Maddalo (Tuscia-Viterbo)

New critical perspectives / Nuove prospettive critiche

Gary Cestaro (DePaul) and Antonio Montefusco (Venezia)

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